Why Study International Studies

What is International Relations?

International Relations, sometimes called International Studies, is a branch of Political Science that examines the role of states, international alliances, NGOs and multinational companies in an increasingly globalised world. International Relations (IR) deals with issues like sovereignty, environmentalism, development and human rights in the context of global affairs and is also concerned with the policies of individual states as far as they impact on the affairs of other states.

Why Study International Relations?

Studying International Relations at university will give you a great starting point for a career in research, journalism, social policy or development, to name but a few, as IR teaches you how to unravel the complex and often invisible network of factors that means events in one part of the globe can have unlikely consequences in another. International Relations will help you develop highly sought-after skills that can be applied to any career, including:

    Research and Administrative skills
    Critical analysis skills
    Scientific method
    Cross-cultural awareness

Which Careers Can International Relations Lead to?

After graduating from an International Relations course at university you will have a huge range of employment opportunities. An International Relations degree can lead to employment in the civil service or a career as an analyst or policy advisor for the numerous organisations that require IR expertise. Graduates seeking jobs with NGOs will find that a degree in International Relations gives them a significant advantage over the competition for these heavily over-subscribed positions. Graduates in International Relations may also want to use their expertise to build a career in business, journalism, politics or activism. In any profession, an employer will value an  International Relations graduateÔÇÖs research and analysis skills.

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