Human Security Working Group

Human Security is an emerging field of study and, like many new areas of security, it is hotly contested. International Relations critics argue its remit is too vague and ill-defined, and that its real intellectual location is closer to human rights and development studies. Proponents of this field maintain that the millions of vulnerable civilians affected directly and indirectly by civil way and ethnic strife, as well as those affected by avoidable, indirect and structural violence, warrant ‘securitization’ and international concern and responses. The agenda of this working group favours and encourages an inclusive and expansive approach across epistemologies, ontologies, subjects and disciplines. It will strive to render comprehensible and meaningful an area of security that affects civilian victims of a broad range of insecurities. It welcomes contributors with narrow or broad research agendas, and is underscored by the view that all human security should be considered, however conceptualized.
Past Convenors
David Roberts University of Ulster
British International Studies Association


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