Foreign Policy Working Group

The working group aims to analyse foreign policy-making, from individual and group decisions and policy processes within states to how foreign policies are received externally and forged in multilateral forums. It brings together a wide variety of people ranging from academics and diplomats to journalists and politicians and welcomes all approaches that help to examine foreign policy, especially (but not exclusively) British foreign policy. Whilst we welcome collaborative projects, scholars working on the US should see the US foreign policy working group as their first port of call.
The group mainly examines contemporary debates and concerns, though historical approaches are also welcome. It focuses on areas such as domestic influences on foreign policy, bilateral relations, multilateral institutions such as the UN, NATO, the EU or the Commonwealth, sectoral issues such as the use of force in the service of foreign policy and the economic basis to policy formation. It also analyses and critiques conceptual developments. Comparative work between states is particularly welcome.

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