Emotions in Politics and International Relations Working Group

The BISA Emotions in Politics and International Relations Working Group aims to promote the study, research and teaching of emotions in politics and international relations.  The role of emotions is increasingly being recognised and addressed in both the academic study of politics and contemporary discussions of global crises and policies.  The proposed launch of this working group reflects such increased levels of interest in and recognition of the importance of emotions as a component of the political sphere.  The aim of this working group is threefold; a) to provide a constructive and supportive space for the exploration of this field; b) to actively develop and expand this relatively young field; c) to strengthen the UK and international network of scholars working on emotions and, where relevant, to initiate dialogues with interested policy-makers and practitioners.  While the group will be pluralistic, encompassing the role of emotions across a range of theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches, and empirical issues and actors, the research agenda will engage with at least six central lines of enquiry:
  1. Methodologies of affect and emotions
  2. Theorising affect and emotions
  3. Bringing emotions into the classroom: teaching, performativity and pedagogy
  4. Interdisciplinary emotions research
  5. Theory and practice of affect and emotions in contemporary politics (for example: migration, refugees, peacekeeping, political violence, electoral politics, terrorism, nuclear weapons, diplomacy, trauma, memory, climate change, and conflict)
  6. Emotions, identity, agency, and power

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