Call for Papers: ‘Workshop on Globalizing Emotion Studies: Embracing Multiple Voices’

Workshop, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 3rd September 2019
Deadline for abstracts: 30 July 2019
Organizer: Chaeyoung Yong (PhD Candidate, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews), on behalf of the BISA Emotion in Politics and International Relations Working Group.
The broad-ranging research on emotions in global politics has contributed to producing plural narratives and alternative forms of knowledge in the field of IR. While the study of emotion emphasizes a pluralistic and interdisciplinary approach, there is a lack of systemic engagement with the emerging call for globalizing IR. Global IR perspectives urge the IR community to challenge underlying Eurocentrism/Western-centrism in our concepts and theories and to recognize the voices and agencies of non-Western and indigenous peoples.  This workshop seeks to explore how the study of emotions could listen to marginalized voices, stories, and emotional experiences beyond ‘the West’ and embrace diverse ideas and traditions of thoughts from ‘the non-West’. Taking a global perspective seriously, this workshop will welcome participants from across a range of theoretical perspectives and disciplines to interrogate diverse emotional experiences and practices of both Western and non-Western contexts, and to engage with dialogue across cultures or civilizations, and to reflect on the purposes of knowledge about emotion. 
In this vein, participants will be asked to reflect on one or several guiding questions of this workshop: 
How can we explore and develop different concepts, perspectives, and geocultural ontologies/epistemologies from the non-West? How is emotion understood in non-Western philosophies in their discussion of politics and ethics? How does such enquiry deepen (meta-)theoretical debates on emotion drawing from diverse insights? (e.g. the relationship of cognition, body and feelings, emotion, effect; individual/collective emotions; the role of emotion in moral judgement and agency) 
What is the role of emotion in reflecting on and critiquing Western-dominated narratives and knowledge-production? 
How diverse is emotion studies in terms of knowledge-production? Has research on emotion been inclusive in dealing with marginalized dimensions (e.g. gender, race, ethnic, class, culture)? What aspects and topics remain marginalized?
How can emotion studies bridge the ‘West/non-West divide’ in terms of theorizing and empirical research? What are the implications of advancing a global perspective on emotion to promoting ‘dialogue’ within, across disciplines and with political practitioners? How do different types of knowledge, science, history, religion, and philosophy meet in the study of emotion? 
Does the study of emotion reinforce pluralism or add to fragmentation in terms of theoretical, methodological, ontological, epistemological, geo-cultural dimensions? 
This event strongly encourages postgraduate students to apply in order to allow them to share their research and exchange knowledge, however, this event will also be open to early career researchers. Small travel grants to be awarded to participants (BISA members only), but priority will be given to PhD students and unwaged participants. 
To apply, please send your title and abstract (250 words max.) no later than 30 July 2019 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For inquiries please contact the organizer.
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