BISA Conference Satellite Event: Re-building Security Relations post-Brexit: discussing the future UK-EU security relationship and its long-term implications

Date: 11th of June 2019
Time: 3pm
Location: Chatham House
Organisers: Professor Richard G. Whitman, Dr Helena Farrand Carrapico and Dr Jocelyn Mawdsley
As we approach the prospect of Brexit, it is now crucial to consider the future long-term security relationship between the UK and the EU, and to shift our focus from disintegration to re-construction. Not only is it important to analyse what kind of security treaty the UK and the EU might be able to sign, including the possible legal and political formats for the new relationship, the timescale to implement new arrangements and potential roadblocks, but it is also relevant to reflect on a number of elements that are likely to shape the future relationship. In particular, what conception of European security could be developed beyond EU instruments and policies? Has the Brexit process eroded mutual trust and, if so, how will it affect the normalisation of security relations? And, what will be the UK’s position within this new relationship? In order to kickstart reflections on the re-construction of the UK-EU security relationship, the event will gather academic and policy-making communities that have traditionally not engaged with each other, in particular the criminal justice and internal security community and the defence community.
You can download the full programme by clicking here.
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