Call for Papers: 14th BISA US Foreign Policy Working Group Annual Conference

The 14th annual conference of the British International Studies Association (BISA) US Foreign Policy Working Group will take place at University College Dublin, Ireland, on the 4th-5th September 2019. 
BISA’s working group on US foreign policy is a large and diverse international network of academics, scholars, and other professionals active in the analysis of US foreign policy and its related realms. Speakers bring expertise on US political, economic and security dynamics in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and elsewhere; on the international records of US presidents and administrations, past and present; on US engagement with key global institutions and organizations; and across numerous other arenas of historical, contemporary, and future significance.
This year’s Keynote Speakers so far include:
Christopher Painter, long-time US official who has occupied high-level positions at the Department of Justice, FBI, the National Security Council, and more recently the State Department where he was the nation’s top cyber diplomat, leading US efforts in advancing the diplomatic aspects of cyber issues ranging from national security to human rights matters. The full bio of Mr Painter can be accessed here.
Ulrike Franke, policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and part of ECFR’s New European Security Initiative. Ms Franke’s expertise covers the impact of new technologies, such as drones and artificial intelligence, on the future of warfare. Her full bio can be accessed here.
We invite proposals of individual papers or panels on any aspect of US foreign policy, contemporary or historical. We also welcome proposals from a range of scholarly perspectives, including International Relations, Political Science, History, Economics, and other related disciplines. Possible topics for papers and panels might include US foreign policy as it relates to:
  • race, gender, and human rights
  • regional/global power shifts/dynamics
  • terrorism and counterterrorism
  • cyber conflict and cyber security
  • nuclear proliferation/weapons
  • trade and finance
  • multilateral organizations and institutions
  • energy and environmental policy
More focused papers might include President Trump’s foreign-policy initiatives, as well as the future of US grand strategy. We are also supportive of panels that incorporate outside perspectives such as Chinese, Russian, Iranian, or European reflections on US foreign policy.
We are keen for papers to reflect the diversity of US foreign policy by encouraging papers from women and BAME delegates. To support this issue of diversity we will provide some funding to those panels that expand our base and focus. Please email explaining how you fulfill these criteria. We also have a limited number of bursaries available for strong proposals from Early Career Researchers. ECRs considered for funding will be determined by being either a doctoral candidate or having a fixed term teaching post, postdoc etc. To provide confirmation please submit a CV with the necessary details. Because the funding for ECRs is coming from BISA you must be a member. Membership details can be found here. ECRs with a full-time permanent position will not be considered
We will also have a conference dinner which all delegates can attend for an extra fee, paid at the point of conference registration.
Paper and panel proposals should be submitted to the Working Group convenor, Dr Eugenio Lilli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the deadline of 26th May 2019.
A link to this call for papers can be found on the working group’s website. You can also follow us on Twitter: @USFPgroup; and join our Facebook group.
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