Workshop Invitation: BISA Working Group on International Studies on the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia one-day Workshop

The BISA ISMMEA Working Group is an interdisciplinary forum for engaging scholars, practitioners and policy-makers. We focus on the geopolitics of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia beyond the bifurcated views of a West vs. non-Western world order on knowledge production, power, identity, and foreign policy and for a more critical and alternative approach to theorising international relations with a view of empirical research.  
We will be hosting a one-day workshop at the University of Westminster, Westminster Forum, in London on the 30th January 2019. This workshop aims to explore ’the Methodological Nationalism, Liberal Democracy and the Questions of Post-trust politics’ for Critical International Relations (CIR). Most recently, while the resurgence of right-wing populism has been diagnosed as a form of ‘post-truth politics’, it raises questions not only for CIR but also domestic politics, which has probed into the notions of a single truth most recently during Brevets and Trumpism in Western contexts. Therefore, following the unfolding cases from rising tides of nationalism, populism and (il)liberal democracies across the world, we focus on how various political debates related to the questions of ‘post-truth politics’ steer public opinion in domestic and foreign policy decisions. We particularly invite papers to discuss these issues and applications in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia with the aim of interrogating its implications for various case studies from a variety of disciplines and fields in humanities, social and political sciences. 
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