Call for Papers Preview: BISA 44th Annual Conference 2019 - 100 Years of BISA

Call for Papers Preview
BISA 44th Annual Conference 2019:
100 Years of British International Studies
12-14 June, 2019
Royal Society, 10-11 Carleton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG
2019 marks the centenary of the founding of the Woodrow Wilson Chair and the Department of International Politics at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Established in 1919, it was the first such department of International Politics/Relations in the world. This anniversary provides an opportunity to critically reflect upon whether there is a distinctive discipline of British international studies, what that discipline might be, what kinds of stories we tell ourselves about it, and how those stories shape us as a collegium in relation to others? More particularly, such questions demand an engagement with the history of international studies within the United Kingdom and how the discipline connects to the practices of the British state. Attention is also drawn to what the discipline may be today and how it may change in response to the myriad worlds within which it is embedded, including the uncertainties of a post-Brexit environment, as well as changing configurations of governance and power in the international system. Thus, alongside traditional concerns of war, diplomacy, trade, and finance, the centennial is a good time to evaluate how well equipped international studies in the United Kingdom is to respond to the challenges of the Anthropocene, climate change, inequality, migration, questions of identity, ubiquitous surveillance, and a revival of imperial nostalgia. It is also an opportune moment to contemplate the pedagogy of international studies, the role of international studies within contemporary British universities, and the composition of our academy. Put bluntly, does international studies in the UK have the people, institutional support, inter- disciplinarity, methods, concepts, and theories to address the challenges of the next 100 years? If not, what is needed and necessary to address these challenges?
To pursue answers to the questions raised by 100 years of British international studies, the conference programme committee invites individual papers, panels, and roundtables that engage with the themes identified above or any other topic that advances the understanding of international studies widely defined. It also encourages the inclusion of multiple perspectives, diversified panels, and innovative formats.
The online submission system for papers, panels, and roundtables will open in September, 2018.
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